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Spartacus – Two teams face off against each other and the goal is to put every other player of the opposing team down on the ground.  Once a player touches the ground with their ball, they are eliminated and must return to their side.  At the end of each round (5 rounds in total), the winning team earns the amount of points equal to the number of players they have remaining after all the opposing team are eliminated (ex. 2 left standing = 2 pts.). Whatever team has the most points after all 5 rounds is declared the winning team.

King / Queen of the Circle – There are absolutely no alliances or teams.  It’s every woman, man, teen and child for himself or herself!  All players gather together and the object is to eliminate all your opponents by evicting them from a designated circle or play area similar to sumo.  Once a player is knocked out of the circle, they cannot return to the game.  The player that remains inside the circle after all eliminations becomes the King or Queen.

Last Person Standing – Similar to King / Queen of the Circle there are again no teams or alliances but instead everyone is playing for themselves. The game begins and once a player knocked down in the area of play you are eliminated and the last player standing is dubbed the winner or Last Person Standing.

Protect the General / General Tao – Two teams choose a General (who wears a designated shirt) on their own team and then the teams face off. As soon as the whistle is blown, the two teams compete with the objective of putting down the general of the opposing team.  All players can hit the ground and get up without being eliminated from the game except the general.

Secret Generals – Same as Protect the General / General Tao but the General is silently chosen and only identified once knocked down by the opposing team.

Red Rover / British Bulldog / Sharks & Minnows – One man stands in the middle of the field/court and everyone lines up on one side.  When the person yells “Red Rover, Come Over” everyone attempts to run over to the other side without being knocked over by the person in the middle.  If someone is knocked down, they join the original person in the middle and help them put people down during the next round.  This process repeats until there is only one person remaining and they are then deemed the winner.

Knocker Soccer – Rules piggyback of the regular game of soccer but you kick off the game and after each score with at “dodge-ball style” sprint for the ball in the center. The game of Soccer we all know and love becomes “Knocker Soccer”. Teams of 3 or 4 face off with or without a goalie to score goals and knock down the competition.



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